My name is Mason. I’m a 22-year-old creative living in Wellington, New Zealand. Horrendously addicted to coffee and pizza, living life one super dry Cappuccino at a time.

I prefer the glow of my computer screen, sitting in the warmth other masons have built. I love a good coffee, whisky, or breakfast tea while watching a movie or reading a good book. I enjoy just sitting on my balcony at home or a window seat at a local café, just watching the world pass by.

Some people might find that boring.

Which is quite fitting, I am inherently a boring person. Not lazy of course, just boring. Walking down to a café to grab a cappuccino and a toasted BLT sandwich for lunch, is something I find fantastic and I look forward to it every week. Boring or mundane to some, it’s something I love to do. Sitting on my behind for hours at a time; either at home or at a beach, bar, or café.

Boring and Quiet. Exactly how I like my life.

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